I see you and honor the journey you’re on. You don’t have to go it alone.  

I see you and honor the journey you’re on. You don’t have to go it alone.  


Are you wishing for some relief from the anxiety and overwhelm? Do you want to ease the ache of your heartbreak? Are you longing for support from someone who actually understands your pain?  

I’ve got you covered with this free meditation for cultivating peace in tough times. I’ve been there - and I know this meditation isn't a total solution to the intensity of what you're feeling, but it’s a start...a tiny, courageous step toward taking care of your heart, despite the enormity of it all. 

Download this free meditation, find a quiet cozy spot, pop in some headphones, and I’ll help you cultivate a pocket of peace to relax into right here, right now, if only for a few moments. xoxo  


Who is Sarah?

Sarah is a military widow and mama turned keynote speaker, empowerment coach, and best-selling author of “Grief Unveiled: A Widow’s Guide to Navigating Your Journey in Life After Loss.” She’s also host of the Grief Unveiled podcast full of real talk and real truths about grief and living. Her journey through grief opened her eyes to a renegade way of approaching life and possibility that now informs her work with women breaking through limitation to live extraordinary lives.  


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